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Creative Work

Let's bring some life and color into your space with custom plaster decor, exterior / interior wall paintings and murals. From indoor elegance to outdoor facades, we offer quality and lasting beauty that stands the test of time.

3D Visualizations

We will bring your ideas and vision to life with absolute clarity and attention to detail. Witness your concept taking shape, understanding how it looks and feels even before it becomes a reality.

Rendered in HD

Experience the magic of 3D rendering where your ideas and visions come to life in stunning high definition. Tailored to their unique taste, we always present our clients with a variety of options so lifelike, distinguishing them from real-life pictures becomes a real challenge.

Living Room V1

Living Room V2


For every space and setting...

Residential Turn-Key Service

How it works.

What does turn-key mean you may ask? Unlike undertaking a traditional home build or renovation project, where you need to coordinate and negotiate between building contractors, planners, architects, interior designers and others involved in your project, with this service we manage everything on your behalf and provide you with the luxury of being involved only in the most interesting aspects of your project. In the end all that's left for you is to "turn the key" to the door of your new residence.




1. Let's have a chat

We begin with a short meeting.

Whether it's in the digital realm or face-to-face, we always start with a deep dive into your ideas, desires, and vision. We aim to truly understand you and the project at hand. Following this, we craft a comprehensive step-by-step plan that outlines our proposed approach in addressing your needs. From there we preferably meet up in person and talk about all the details.

2. Creating a vision

Our expertise comes into play.

After our first meetings where we grasp your ideas, favorite colors, and the vibe you're after, we roll up our sleeves and sketch out some initial layout, exterior and interior designs. It's like crafting a visual roadmap for your project. This helps us all get on the same page and know exactly where we're headed together.

3. Full layout planning

Let's see how it looks on paper.

Once we're all on board with the project's vision, our team of architects swings into action. We meticulously draft fully detailed AutoCAD plans for every nook and cranny of your residence, ensuring a comprehensive and precise blueprint for each floor, room and space.

4. We go into more detail

Product Proposal & 3D Visualizations

Once we have the layout drawings, we move on to interior design so you can experience the magic of 3D rendering, where we will bring the envisioned concept to life with absolute clarity and detail. See exactly how it looks and feels before we start making it a reality.

5. Product & furniture estimates

Let's calculate all the costs.

Using the layouts and 3D renders as our guide, we present you a detailed estimate covering all the furniture, products, and solutions tailored to your project. For larger endeavors, we go the extra mile to secure our clients the best deals, often offering around 20% off from the manufacturer's prices. Your satisfaction and value are our top priorities.

6. Delivery & Assembly

Time to set it all up.

After the exciting part is done, the next challenge arises – getting everything delivered and set up seamlessly. No need to stress though, we've done this countless of times for tailored made wardrobes, kitchen islands or just regural pieces of furniture.

7. Project becomes a reality

Turn the key to your new residence!

Get ready to break out the champagne and celebrate because the journey has reached its exciting destination - your custom made home is ready and waiting for you!

Custom Work

Add a bit of flair to your living space with personalized and custom made drapes, luxurious marble tiles, parquet flooring or tailor made wardrobes.

Delivery & Assembly

After the exciting part is done, the next challenge arises – getting everything set up seamlessly. No need to stress though, we've done this countless of times and we're more than happy to lend a hand if you need assistance."

Tiles & Flooring solutions

Fancy the sleek touch of marble or the classic charm of parquet? Tell us your desires, and we'll create something that feels just right for you.

Tailor Made Drapes

Sewn by hand using the finest of fabrics. Available upon request for any space and size.

More from our Portfolio.

The renovation process was stress free because they took care of absolutely everything - planning, construction, interior design you name it. Now my apartment is transformed into a unique, stylish and comfortable home which i can't thank them enough. The gilded plaster decors look fantastic!

Marc Elardo - Private Client (Vienna, Austria)

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