About Us

 With more than 20 years in this field we have worked in a lot of top projects - luxury private residential houses, villas, office spaces, restaurants, hotels. etc. For many years our clients have asked for an oportunity to order furniture and lighting, a source where they can see all items together in one place and order them directly. That's how we started the idea to develop an online store for our services, where we would provide good deals and easy access to luxury furniture, lighting and accessories. Fast forward to 2021 and Furnivita is launched.

 Behind Furnivita there is a team of design experts and architects, who work every day to offer customers the best possible service and choose the best products to furnish their own home. Furnivita has over 100 brands and 20,000 products that we can offer to our clients, although they are not all listed on the website, we can send catalogs and collections for more options and variety to find the furniture that suits your needs. We promise our customers professional, competent and individual service. 

 The name "Furnivita" comes from combination of 2 words: Furni - Furniture , Vita - Latin meaning of “life”, and also last 3 letters ita - Italy. That's how we found our perfect name.