All prices quoted in the online shop are gross prices inclusive of value added tax. The VAT percentage is only identified on invoice documents and depends on the following general conditions. 

For sales to private end customers


 VAT %

SIA Furnivita VAT ID number:

Austria 20% LV40003540813
Belgium 21% LV40003540813
Bulgaria 20% LV40003540813
Croatia 25% LV40003540813
Cyprus 19% LV40003540813
Czech Republic 21% LV40003540813
Denmark 25% LV40003540813
Estonia 22% LV40003540813
Finland 24% LV40003540813
France 20% LV40003540813
Germany 19% LV40003540813
Greece 24% LV40003540813
Hungary 27% LV40003540813
Ireland 23% LV40003540813
Italy 22% LV40003540813
Latvia 21% LV40003540813
Lithuania 21% LV40003540813
Luxembourg 17% LV40003540813
Malta 18% LV40003540813
Netherlands 21% LV40003540813
Poland 23% LV40003540813
Portugal 23% LV40003540813
Romania 19% LV40003540813
Slovakia 20% LV40003540813
Slovenia 22% LV40003540813
Spain 21% LV40003540813
Sweden 25% LV40003540813


For sales to commercial customers


Vat %  SIA Furnivita VAT ID number
Sales and deliveries to commercial customers within EU who state a valid VAT nr. 0% LV40003540813
Sales and deliveries to commercial customers within EU who don't state a valid VAT nr. 17% up to 27% LV40003540813