Samples & Finishes

Here you can find all the samples and finishes for leather, synthetic leather, fabric, tops, bases, frames etc. that we can offer. Simply click on the logo of the brand you wish to check out and you will be navigated there. The price of the finishes may vary and they are not the same. If for example you want to order a table with a different top and/or base than what is available and shown in product page(pictures) you should contact us through email and we will gladly answer any additional questions and send you a personal invoice for the product finishes you choose. 


Synthetic Leather / Nabuk

D5360 Nabuk

D5364 Nabuk

D5361 Nabuk

D5363 Nabuk

D5366 Nabuk

D5367 Nabuk

D5368 Nabuk

D5369 Nabuk

D5371 Nabuk

D5372 Nabuk

C2335 Leather

C2337 Leather

C2338 Leather

C2443 Leather

C2444 Leather

C2445 Leather

C2446 Leather

C2447 Leather

B2066 Leather

B3074 Leather

B3149 Leather

B3070 Leather

B2067 Leather


E1535 Leather

E15 Leather

E06 Leather

E16 Leather

E1010 Leather

E13 Leather

E499 Leather

E28 Leather

E217 Leather

F92111 Leather

F92169 Leather

F92115 Leather

F92171 Leather

F92168 Leather

F92175 Leather

F92176 Leather

G92123 Leather

G92142 Leather

G92144 Leather

G715 Leather

G719 Leather

G722 Leather

G724 Leather

G725 Leather

416 Luxe Leather

428 Luxe Leather

429 Luxe Leather


Cat. A 4057

Cat. A 4065

Cat. A 4066

Cat. A 4067

Cat. A 4074

Cat. A 4076

Cat. A 4077

Cat. A 4081

Cat. A 4085

Cat. A 4087

Cat. A 4089

Cat. B 3243

Cat. B 3254

Cat. C 2460

Cat. C 2472

Cat. C 2477

Cat. C 2479

Cat. D 5099

Cat. D 5336

Cat. D 5339

Cat. D 5341

Cat. D 5346

Cat. D 5347

Cat. D 5356

Cat. D 5378

Cat. D 5388


G92108 Nabuk

G92509 Nabuk

G92211 Nabuk

G92113 Nabuk

G92109 Nabuk

G92155 Nabuk

G92513 Nabuk

Luxe412 Nabuk

Luxe419 Nabuk


D5342 Ultrasoft Velvet

A4052 Velvet

A4053 Velvet

A4055 Velvet

A4056 Velvet

A4057 Velvet

A4054 Velvet

A4058 Velvet

D5106 Ultrasoft Velvet

A4059 Velvet

A4062 Velvet

A4064 Velvet

D5346 Ultrasoft Velvet

D5344 Ultrasoft Velvet

A4061 Velvet

A4060 Velvet

Marble (Top)








Red Levanto


Wood (Top / Base)

Oak stained ash

Grey stained ash

Heat treated stained oak

Wenge stained ash

Black ash

Italian Walnut

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Steel & Aluminium (Base)

Black Nickel


Bronze special lacquering

Champagne special lacquering

Peltrox special lacquering

Embossed aluminium

Chrome Aluminium

RAL9016 Matt white

RAL1013 Cream

RAL7006 Beaver

RAL8019 Matt dark brown

RAL3007 Amaranth

RAL9005 Matt black

4820 Rusty pearl

3100 Golden bronze

320 Black Pearl

36 Empire gold